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The fixture list and latest results can be found below.

Date Group MatchFramesBreaks
2016-03-05GRich Lillie 1-3 Barry Rankin (4pm)5
2016-03-05HNick Marchant 0-3 Jordan Worobec (8pm)5
2016-03-06EDan Potter 3-1 Adrian Barraclough5Dan 40
2016-03-07FPaul Holmes 0-3 Lee Taylor5
2016-03-08DGlen Mountain 3-1 Kevin Gall5
2016-03-11CClive Whyte 0-3 Phil Hart5
2016-03-12BJames Kilmartin 2-3 Paul Mahoney (4pm)5
2016-03-12AJon Milner 3-2 Mark Hodson (8pm)5
2016-03-13HNick Marchant 3-2 Roland Cox5
2016-03-14FPaul Holmes 3-0 Tom Lewis5Tom 41
2016-03-15CPhil Hart 0-3 Mick Borg5
2016-03-18GKeith Thornhill 1-3 Barry Rankin5
2016-03-19EAdrian Barraclough 3-2 Andi Ireland (4pm)5
2016-03-19DGlen Mountain 3-0 John Dowd (8pm)5
2016-03-20HJordan Worobec 1-3 Roland Cox5
2016-03-21BJames Kilmartin 3-2 Pete Glover5
2016-03-22AMark Hodson 1-3 Martin Johnson5
2016-03-25GKeith Thornhill 1-3 Rich Lillie5
2016-03-27FLee Taylor 3-2 Tom Lewis5
2016-03-28EDan Potter 3-0 Andi Ireland5
2016-03-29DKevin Gall 1-3 John Dowd5
2016-04-01CClive Whyte 2-3 Mick Borg5
2016-04-03AJon Milner 1-3 Martin Johnson5
2016-04-04BPaul Mahoney 1-3 Pete Glover5
2016-04-05DRAW FOR LAST 16
2016-04-08Last 16Glen Mountain 1-3 James Kilmartin5
2016-04-10Last 16Barry Rankin 3-0 Adrian Barraclough5
2016-04-11Last 16Lee Taylor 3-1 Jon Milner5
2016-04-12Last 16Dan Potter 3-2 Jordan Worobec5Dan 45
2016-04-14Last 16Martin Johnson 3-0 Paul Holmes5
2016-04-15Last 16Pete Glover 3-0 John Dowd5
2016-04-17Last 16Mick Borg 3-1 Richard Lillie5
2016-04-18Last 16Roland Cox 3-0 Phil Hart5
2016-04-19DRAW FOR QF
2016-04-21Q-FinalBarry Rankin 4-2 Martin Johnson7Barry 54
2016-04-22Q-FinalMick Borg 4-1 Roland Cox7Mick 77
2016-04-24Q-FinalDan Potter 4-1 James Kilmartin7
2016-04-25Q-FinalLee Taylor 4-2 Pete Glover7
2016-04-26DRAW FOR SF
2016-04-27S-FinalMick Borg 0-4 Barry Rankin7
2016-04-28S-FinalDan Potter 4-2 Lee Taylor7Lee 44
2016-04-29FinalBarry Rankin 2-5 Dan Potter9

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Latest Results

2016-04-29Barry Rankin 2-5 Dan Potter
2016-04-28Dan Potter 4-2 Lee Taylor
2016-04-27Mick Borg 0-4 Barry Rankin
2016-04-26DRAW FOR SF
2016-04-25Lee Taylor 4-2 Pete Glover